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3D Architectural Visualization & Design

We don't just make our clients vision a reality,

we bring their ideas to life.

Hand Graphics

2D Drafting & Design

3d Modeling



Who We Are

Toronto is home to some of the busiest and most talented design firms in the world.
When you partner with a company like ours suddenly you have the power to create high end designs and deliverables you can be proud of. You can focus on design fundamentals, increase efficiency, and cut costs.
With a creative background in entertainment design and production, Shain Michael Design is equipped with the vision and knowledge to provide clients with high end concept designs, renderings, animations, and fully immersive experiences that are unforgettable and entirely one of a kind. We’re not just your design expert; we’re your partner through the entire design process. Our clients rest easy and feel confident that their design and production needs are in good hands with experienced designers, incredible modelers, and a team passionate about what they create.


What We Offer

3D Architectural Rendering

Architectural renderings bring projects to life right before your eyes. Take advantage of our incredible renderings to help visualize your project both inside and out.

Landscape Architectural
Rendering & Design

Landscapes are living breathing environments. Designing the perfect landscape for your architecture project can be difficult without an in depth understanding of the space. Our talented landscape architects and designers work with you to design beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

Architectural Drafting

We provide fully custom 2D architectural drawing, drafting, design, and production services. Our team use their experience and your specifications to create individual drawings or entire submission packages.

3D Interior Design Rendering

Having an interior rendering of a designed space helps present real life information to clients. Lighting, materials, colours, and aesthetics can only truly be experienced through a rendering, animation, or after construction is complete. 3D modeling a space early in the design process helps to drive the design forward and allows for clear client understanding of the space early on.

We Create Top Notch Visuals


“SMD produces extremely high-quality work with a fast turn-around and a great attitude. 
Their ability to visualize and model our complex, custom designs really aids in communicating our design intent effectively to clients.


This goes a long way in building strong relationships and gaining critical buy-in from the client team.

Shain is professional, knowledgeable, and always a pleasure to work with!”

Nadja Pauch

Project Manager, FORREC

“I highly recommend Shain to undertake his computer modelling, 3d rendering and 3d realistic graphic videos and other services he provides.

They will no doubt be a boon for any design company’s portfolio, and to improve their marketing tools and company image.”

Sander Fridman

CEO, Sander Design

“Shain provided us with a very immersive and captivating VR experience which we used to promote our brand. Working with Shain was a true pleasure, he is efficient, insightful, very creative and very technically capable.”

Ron Igra

CEO , Designers Walk Inc.

Our Clients

Arcade 3
  • Why partner with SMD?
    Partnering with SMD allows you to provide high quality deliverables to your client without the overhead of a dedicated 3D and 2D production team. We take your design materials to the next level and shoot for the moon.
  • What is your capacity?
    At SMD we have a team of designers, artists, and developers available to help on your next project. There isn't a project too big or small. Contact us today for more info.
  • What is your design production process?
    We correspond directly with your team from kickoff to completion ensuring all progress is uploaded and all revisions/markups are sent back to us. Timelines and deliverables will be sorted before kickoff and a schedule will determine meetings and on sceen collaborations. Contact us for more information.
  • Where is your office?
    Our office is in Toronto but our outreach is worldwide. Whether the work is local or international, we are your design production experts.
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