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3D Rendering and Design Production Services

At SMD we partner with you and become your 3D design and rendering experts. We work with you through the design process to express your ideas in 3D.

Whether your design is conceptual or ready for construction, our 3D rendering and design services provide you with the confidence to get the visuals you need at the quality you expect. Our designers work with you to bring your ideas into a workable 3D environment.


3D Rendering

3D Model Design: Architecture and Interiors

There is nothing more gratifying than creating something from nothing. With our talented modelers and designers working for you we take your design, sketch, or description and create a physical 3D model to the exact specifications required.

We add texture, lighting, entourage and any other necessary additions to bring your model to life. Our 3D modeling experts work with architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and creative studios.

3D Visualization Services

Benefits of 3D Rendering / Architectural Visualization​

There are numerous benefits of being able to see projects brought to life in the design stage. These include:

  • Catching design flaws early. It’s much easier and cost-effective to make changes to blueprints before construction begins.

  • Seeing the space from inside and out. How does the building fit with its surroundings? How does the interior space work? These questions can be answered with the help of 3D renderings and VR services.

  • Evaluating the effects of acoustics, lighting, and ventilation. With 3D and VR tools, these things can be fine-tuned in the early stages of a project.

  • Developing a shared understanding among all stakeholders. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of 3D rendering as it makes it easier for projects to move forward when everyone is on the same page.


Once we have created a 3D model of a specific building, interior, or landscape we then explore the space through imagery such as a point of view perspective or a birdseye or aerial view of the entire space.

Architectural Animation

The demand for architectural animations is on the rise. For most professionals, it’s challenging to help clients grasp the design of large projects without the help of these visualizations. 3D animations and flythroughs, also known as “walkthroughs,” are an excellent marketing tool to best represent your project or design.


One of the best ways of bringing your architectural project or design to life is by animating it. Our expert animators take your 3D model and add camera movement, entourage like people and vehicles, and any other animation effects necessary to make the most of your architectural visualization.


With these CG animations, we can enhance your building, interior, or site and better portray its relationship with and context within the surrounding area. This gives designers, stakeholders, and clients a realistic vision of the completed project.

Architectural animations paired with architectural renderings is a sure-fire way of getting people excited about your pre-construction project or proposal.


Architectural animations or walkthroughs are an excellent way of showcasing your design project in many different settings with movement and a complete understanding of the space.

Core Values


We work through the design process very closely with our clients in order to create a vision worth being proud of.


We create accurate 2D & 3D design deliverables using state of the art CAD software and skilled 3D artists.


We explore your creations using digital renderings, exciting animations, and immersive VR experiences. 

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