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Residential Landscape Design & Interior Rendering 

At SMD we partner with you and become your residential landscape design experts. We work with you throughout the entire design process to make your vision a reality.

Whether your are looking for landscape design or interior rendering, our 3D rendering and design services provide you with the confidence to get the visuals you need at the quality you expect. Our designers work with you to bring your ideas to life.

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Residential Design Process

Landscape & Interiors

There is nothing more gratifying than creating something from nothing. With our talented modelers and designers working for you we take your design, sketch, or description and create a physical 3D model to the exact specifications required.

Our team of experts work with architects, interior designers, landscape architects, and creative studios.

How we work with you


This is where we meet in person and discuss the goals, aspirations, and budget for your project as well as answer any questions regarding the design process, expectations of deliverables, and cost of the design.

Site Analysis

Here we do a complete inventory and analysis of the existing conditions of the site. This includes a photos, detailed measurements, elevations, current materials and any site features that may impact the design phase. This initial analysis lays the foundation for the design concept and allows for the seamless transition between existing and proposed designs.


Design concepts are the first step to visualizing your new space. These conceptual sketches and diagrams serve as a preview of both the aesthetic and function of the potential design and will evolve and become more refined through consultation with you. This crucial part of the design process will ensure your goals and vision will be realized in the final design.

Master Plan

The Master Plan is the final rendered and labeled design drawing that combines all aspects of the concept and is ready to be handed off to a contractor to be built. This plan reflects all the wishes and intentions of our clients and will be clear and easy to follow to construction.

3D Model

This is a full 3D representation of the Master Plan, and gives a full virtual preview of what the design will look like using CAD software. Clients are able to walk through the entire model and see it from all angles before construction has even started. This ability to view your design as if you are there is a real advantage to only having a two dimensional plan drawing. This allows for a better and more thorough understanding of your design and fosters confident interactions with potential contractors/builders.


These are 3D perspective drawings of what the Master Plan will look like from the most important angles. These are typically views of focal points and determined beforehand with the client. Animated walkthroughs are even better at helping clients fully visualize the design firsthand and are recommended as an added visualization tool.

Design Packages

This is the complete and personalized design package compiled into a booklet and delivered to the client. The design package will include all the agreed deliverables in a neat and easy to understand format that can be shared with friends and family, as well as act as the project manual for potential contractors/builders.

Design Consulting

During the construction phase we are able to conduct site visits on behalf of the client in order to ensure that the final design is being reflected properly.


We work through the design process very closely with our clients in order to create a vision worth being proud of.


We create accurate 2D & 3D design deliverables using state of the art CAD software and skilled 3D artists.


We explore your creations using digital renderings, exciting animations, and immersive VR experiences. 

Core Values

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